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This business was created for you… the busy designer and the overwhelmed entrepreneur. 

ready to take back some of that needlessly spent brain power?

Your nitro cold brew may've come on stronger than a 90s trend, but no matter of staring at your laptop for hours on end is going to make the website tech go poof

You need a Showit web developer you can trust for that... 


This is when I make my Mia thermopolis, prin-cess of Genovia appearance!


make all the boy moose go ‘WAAH!'

meet the developer

I’m Robyn and I work with designers and creatives who need a little bit (or a lot) of back-end Showit website support. 

I help with done-for-you development, whether it’s a client website or your own - all while you work from your zone of genius!

I left my job as a hairstylist after salon culture beat me into the ground because I wanted this - to ADORE what I do while getting to raise tiny human(s).

Once I found my way to website design and served clients that way for 1.5 yrs, I saw a gap: Showit back-end development for all those creative types.

It wasn’t until I started working within the creative online space that I had this epiphany… not all brains are built for tech! I thought everyone could just figure out websites and loved processes. 

Now, I'm really not one to brag, but being featured on Weeknight Website, getting rave client reviews, and bringing dozens of websites to life made me finally realize - I think I'm good at this?

So I did what most businesses have had to do at some point - PIVOT (tell me you heard Ross's voice there). And Built by Robyn Hango was born!

And yeah, finessing a site to perfection does gives me thrills, but honestly? What gets me up in the morning and gives me the warm fuzzies is being able to work with and serve small business owners just like you. 

So they can go from being overwhelmed and stressed about their website... to focusing on what they do best!

For the girl with the life-long track record of being a neat freak, building flawless websites and serving client BFF's? It's enough to make me weak in the knees.

Just ask my mom how many times I was asked to clean my room as a child…

Like I said, around here? We do things with excellence. 

hint? zero. zero times.

Like I said, around here? We do things with excellence. 

When I’m not helping you kick website overwhelm to the curb, you can find me just outside Calgary AB, where I live with my hubby and sweet 1 yr old redheaded girly, daydreaming about our someday acreage and wearing my crunchy, tin-foil hat. 

I'd take off my tin-foil hat and stop squishing my baby's chunky thighs (briefly), to get to work with someone like YOU!

so? What do you think? 

should i pour some bubbly? 

if you stand for nothing, what will you fall for? 

I’m not about for marketing ploys, #girlboss life, or hustle culture… 

Here’s what I am about...

no. 1

Honesty and communication - almost to a fault. Could maybe ditch a client email here and there.

no. 2

Showit! You won’t find any Squarespace tips & tricks and certainly no plugs for Wix. Heaven forbid… 

no. 3

Bringing your website vision to life! Think of me as your top-shelf development minion and business cheerleader.

Robyn’s work is outstanding - you canNOT go wrong with investing in her proven skills!

My website is now something I’m truly proud to show off! Each and every detail has been thought out and represents who I am and what I do. Robyn is not only great at communication and detail oriented, but she listens to what YOU want. Even if you don't quite know where to start, she has an organized system that will guide you!

- Samantha Fanning

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fun factoids

you either love em or hate em

Favorite author:

Amor Towles. You have not LIVED until you’ve read Rules of Civility!

Bloom of choice: 

Lilacs. They take me back to my childhood home.

Top played artists on Spotify:

Hamilton, Thomas Rhett, & Gone West (Colbie Caillat has a band?!)

In another life I would be: 

Probably a midwife 

First car: 

Manual 97 Honda Civic

Go-to drink:

A riesling on a hot day. An iced lavender latte. Or hot apple cider on a blizzardy winter evening. I have a lot of go-to's! :)

Proudest Achievement:

Having my mini-me completely au naturel at home. 

When it’s time to hand over your website reins, get you a girl who doesn’t do it all. 

I know. Not usually something you want to advertise. But around here? We don’t dabble

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